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100 Bodybuilding Tips Guide eBook

100 Bodybuilding Tips Guide eBook

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1. Bodybuilding requires commitment. It is a totally different lifestyle that entails letting go of old habits and adopting new ones. You cannot go into bodybuilding and be half- hearted about it. It is a test of strength, self-discipline and willpower. Start only when you are sure you can commit time, effort and energy. 

2. Your decision to start on muscle training must come from a sincere

desire for a healthier and a more developed body. Do not go into it just because it’s your New Year’s resolution. People who decide to change something in them when the calendar flips on January 1st are most likely to stray from this discipline. 

3. Make an assessment of your body. Decide what kind of attention goes to which part of your body. Some people have flabbier arms while others have most of the fat collected in their midsection. This way, it is easy for you to create a program that addresses your problem areas. 

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